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PureSteele Communications will strive to create high quality programming for our listeners; targeted audiences for our advertisers; and to attract, develop and sustain an efficient and highly productive group of broadcast professionals. Our mission is:
 To provide high quality, informative local radio programming to our listeners.
 To provide the highest quality marketing solutions, results and customer service for our advertisers.
 To be ambassadors of goodwill in the markets were serve by promoting their social, retail and economic growth and development.
 To provide a professional and goal oriented working environment for our associates to facilitate their growth as community and broadcasting leaders.
 To preserve, develop and promote the traditions and prominence of local community focused radio broadcasting.
We believe that local radio is an integral part of every community we serve, and it is our duty to serve the best interests of the people in all of our communities.

  • TrueVoicesRadio


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    All things talk. Truevoices Radio is an informative of Talk Radio, Commentary, News and more. You don't want to miss the exciting and trivial talk shows here.

  • PowerHouseMixRadio


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    From new and classic pop music. PowerHouse Mix delivers the best dance, party, and pop sounds from the 80's to today. Tune in here and let the party begin.

  • PureSteeleRadio


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    PureSteeleRadio radio is the only Fortress of Metal that comes complete with the best rock and heavy metal from the 80's 90's and today. Tune in here and raise your fists.

  • CandyShopRadio


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    CandyShopRadio is a radio station designed with pop and fun colors. Lots to do on this site. Made with the teen and adult female in mind.

  • MetalRevolutionRadio


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    MetalRevolutionRadio is our radio station dedicated to the Troops and Veterans in our Military designed to tie them and our Volunteers together.

  • LiquidMetalRadio


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    LiquidMetalRadio is made entirely of Liquid Metal. All New Rock. All New Metal. Warning! Only the Liquid Minded need to tune in here. You have been warned!!!

  • X-Domination


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    Prepare to be X-Dominated. Tune in and experience the most dominant force in Rock. It's Like Sex. Only Louder!

  • PhillyJamsRadio


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    The hottest Rock, Pop, Dance, and Classics only here. Were bringing Philly directly to you.

  • Mid-AtlanticRock


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    The Mid-Atlantics finest unsigned rock comes here. Tune in for the best the Mid-Atlantic has to offer.

  • MetalMatrixRadio


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    A matrix of mixed rock and metal from classics to indie rock. Tune in and tune everything else out.

  • Steele Classics

    PureSteele Classics

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    Tune in to hear your favorite Classic Rock hits here.

  • Power Country

    PowerHouse Country

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    A station unlike any other Country Station, “Powerhouse Country” will blend Southern Rock with Country, And Power Country Music to create a unique and interesting format for the listener.

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