PureSteeleRadio was a professionaly run radio station developed in 2005 by J.J. Steele and Mistress Jody Penner in Atlanta Georgia. What started as a concept quickly turned into a popular radio station with a 22,500 listener base. The concept was simple. Play great Modern and Classic Rock with an Arena Rock mainstream and to make it as easy as turning on your car stereo. Our format included paranormal talk shows by some of the most talented paranormal agencies in the country and seeking out undiscovered and talented bands for airplay. Five years later. PureSteele Communications was born in Olathe Kansas after the retirement of Mistreaa Jody and was re-developed with the help of Jessica Wylde known to many as "The Wylde Child" and is now known as "The Mother Ship" PureSteele Communications currently consists of several stations and has evolved into a network. www.PureSteeleRadio.com www.PowerHouseMixRadio.net, www.MetalRevolutionRadio.com, www.CandyShopRadio.com, www.LiquidMetalRadio.com and www.TrueVoicesRadio.com. As we have always said: We are the "New" Industry Standard In Radio Dominance.
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VALDOSTA, GA. - JULY 26, 2013 - Headlong Media Group LLC today announced a partnership with Olathe, Kansas based PureSteele Communications, Inc.

PureSteele Communications is a major developer of internet radio stations and broadcasting, currently managing eleven different internet radio broadcast stations, accommodating a wide variety of genres and styles. PureSteele also proudly develops the PureSteele Custom App for Android™ and iPhone™ devices, allowing listeners to tune in "on-the-go" to the PureSteele content. PSC aims to provide high quality, informative radio programming to listeners, and quality marketing solutions, results and customer service for advertisers.
Headlong Media Group, founded in 2003, is the exclusive producer and distributor of the worldwide-syndicated radio shows The Weekend Cruise™, Venom Nation Radio Show™, and Mixtape Radio Show™, in addition to acting as a web and digital-design firm for clients worldwide.

The partnership aligns the two organizations in the following manner:

• PureSteele Communications broadcasts the syndicated content of Headlong Media Group across its wide variety of stations and platforms, increasing the range and diversity of the syndicated product.
• Headlong Media Group offers digital design, graphic publishing, and web design assistance for the PureSteele network of stations and web pages, in addition to designing merchandise revolving around PureSteele network brands.

JJ Steele, founder of PureSteele Communications, stated "We are very happy to have Headlong Media Group as part of our network. The professionalism and quality they deliver in the programming is exactly what we look for. The graphics and presentation of the shows are impressive as well. "
Steve Kocher, founder of Headlong Media Group, stated "This is a tremendous opportunity for both companies to advance our individual goals, by working together as a team. We feel our syndicated content is some of the best programming available, and the addition of PureSteele's network of worldwide listeners ensures that our product is heard in far more places than we currently offer. Headlong Media Group partner Michael Russell added "We're proud to offer our assistance with advancing the image and web presence of PureSteele. The potential in both organizations is virtually limitless, given the wide and growing array of online options available in both areas of specialty"

For more information, contact:
PureSteele Communications: http://www.puresteelecommunications.com/
Headlong Media Group: http://www.headlongmediagroup.com/

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